Regional Sanitation Centre
Institutional Framework for Regional Operations

Fig 1.

Functional Relationship of Key Players as agreed at 6th ICWG and per Dhaka Declaration of SACOSAN VI Bangladesh 2016

Regional Sanitation Centre now being established in Sri Lanka on the approval of the cabinet of ministers –Parliament of Sri Lanka on the request of the Hon Minster of City Planning and Water Supply.   Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply as the host for the RSC has provided office space staff and budget for recurrent expenditure and the local component for operationalizing it mandate.   The RSC will be developed as an institution based in Sri Lanka and performs a regional function to serve as the secretariat for the SACOSAN process and the ICWG.

Since the RSC is a regional unit established on the directives of the Ministerial Conference represented by the Ministers from respective countries of South Asia, RSC could be considered as a subjected under the collective agreement of the ministries in charge of sanitation in SA. 

The Fig 1 is the regional framework in which the RSC has to perform its functions and report on the regional agenda.  

The Regional Oversight committee is represented by governments and development partners who have committed to support the RSC. RSC will be developed in incremental steps to perform within the agreed framework focusing on the following;

  1. Implement regional agenda/road map as agreed with the ICWG and regional partners
  2. Support country process through knowledge management and specialized inputs

The SACOSAN VII to b held in Islamabad will be an opportunity to deliberate  on roles and responsibility of ICWG in ensuring institutional sustainability of RSC.

Fig 2 Internal organization of the RSC in 2018

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