Inter Country Working Group Meeting

10th Inter Country Working Group Meeting for SACOSAN to 13th September 2017- Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government hosted the last ICWG Meeting and its opening ceremony led by the Hon. Minister of City Planning and Water Supply, Rauf Hakeem. He welcomed all the delegates to Colombo and emphasized the achievements of SACOSAN and its’ importance to the WASH sector throughout the region.  The Government of Pakistan represented by Mr. Salman Yousaf, Additional Secretary HUD&PHED stressed the importance of SACOSAN as a regional process and was looking forward to welcoming all the delegates to SACOSAN VII in Islamabad.

The ICWG was attended by Country Focal Points from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Regional Partners, UNICEF, WSSCC, Water Aid, Plan International and FANSA representatives has also participated in the meeting. 

Thematic papers

The following eight themes and its led countries were agreed all members of the ICWG.

Themes for SACOSAN VII

  • Policy, strategy and sector planning                                                                          Maldives
  • Human resources development                                                                                   Nepal
  • Operations and maintenance                                                                                       India
  • Regulation, accountability, monitoring and evaluation                                     Pakistan
  • Sanitation as cross cutting (health and nutrition)                                              Afghanistan
  • Financing of sanitation                                                                                                   Sri Lanka
  • Sociology of sanitation                                                                                                   Bhutan
  • Climate change and sanitation                                                                                   Bangladesh

Lighting the oil lamp, Mr. Sarath Chandrasiri Vithana Secretary, Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply and Ms.Brinda UNICEF Sri Lanka  

Country Paper Guideline

SACOSAN VII Secretariat presented the country paper outline. After the presentation the discussion was concluded with following agreements;

  1. The country paper shall include a section of progress of country in past three years.
  2. In addition to the contents contained in the existing guidelines a section on – Transitioning and nationalization of the SDG progress and benchmarking should be included. A plan of action for 2018-2021 with milestones would be highlighted and a full SDG framework (2030) discussed.
  3. It is agreed that countries will present the country paper in a 10 minute recorded video; this will be followed by Q&A session. The session panelist will be senior level representation of country. Four country presentations with a Q&A session will be followed by remaining 4 presentations with Q&A session.

Composition of Country Delegate

Country delegations and the following were agreed: 

         I. As far as possible country delegations would strive for gender balanced delegations which would include representatives from the following groups:

  1. Sector Minister(s), Information Ministers
  2. Parliamentarians (Mayors, elected officials, etc),
  3. Government officials from different levels and different departments
  4. Academia,
  5. Civil society,
  6. Community member including school children,
  7. Differently abled groups, marginalized groups
  8. Private sector and Media.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  II.Following number of delegates were proposed from each Country.


No. of Delegates













Sri Lanka


SACOSAN- Program

Dates of the SACOSAN as agreed during the ICWG meeting in Male in October 2016 are February 2018. The SACOSAN VII secretariat presented the SACOSAN program. Discussion was generated around each agenda items and following points were agreed:

  1. Overall program is quite extensive and it may not be possible to justify the large number of session and side events, hence it was agreed to limit the number of side events and other plenary session for better management of overall conference.
  2. CFP’s were asked to provide suggestions for regional experts who could be considered for keynote speeches.
  3. There is a need to ensure that the voice of children/other groups is embedded throughout the programme and not just inside sessions.
  4. It was agreed to focus on the following sessions for side events and plenary                                                                                                                                                                                       a). Urban Sanitation, b) Faecal Sludge Management, c) MHM, d) Corporate Partnerships in Sanitation program, e) Role of media and communication in Sanitation program, f) Sanitation Campaigns, g) SDGs and Sanitation, h) Local, national and regional monitoring processes-opportunities/challenges.


Islamabad declaration – SACOSAN-7 was discussed with all the CFPs and regional partners.

Discussion was held about the conference declaration and it was agreed that it should be properly planned, with structured discussions each day of the conference to avoid very generic statement and to ensure that the declaration is focused and reflective of the conference outcomes. A drafting committee will be established to develop a draft declaration for discussion.

Regional Sanitation Centre

The Government of Sri Lanka presented a Regional Sanitation Centre. The ToR’s for the RSC were presented and discussed.

The issue of the role of the RSC as a “Secretariat” was discussed in detail and all the CFPs emphasized it to be reframed as   Regional Sanitation Centre rather than Secretariat.


ICWD documents

Report on the 7th ICWG Meeting of SACOSAN

27-28 January 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Report on the 9th ICWG Meeting of SACOSAN ​

18 -19 October 2016,Male’, Republic of Maldives


The RSC is to Promote Networking & Knowledge Managemnt for SACOSAN Movement Among SAARC Countries  


  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

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