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Rapid Action Learning Workshop

Submission of application dead line is on or before 30th of October, 2019



Three-day Regional Rapid Action Learning (RAL) Workshop

Concept Note Three-day Regional Rapid Action Learning (RAL) Workshop to Share, Learn for Sustainable and Inclusive Sanitation under South Asian Regional Center for Sanitation for SACOSAN Countries CONTEXT SACOSANs as a process and a movement has influenced the South Asian countries, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri

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Sustainable Sanitation Solutions (3S) Conference

  Prepared by: Scaling City Institutions for India: Sanitation (SCI-FI), Centre for Policy Research The Regional Centre for Sanitation (RCS) hosted a regional conference in Sri Lanka to facilitate a knowledge sharing platform on Sustainable Sanitation Solutions. It was co-organized by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), the

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RCS – Collaborative Partnerships for Exercising its Mandate

Regional Centre for Sanitation – Collaborative Partnerships for Exercising its Mandate 1.     3S Conference Outcome 3S Conference outcomes to be available through the website accessible to all A compendium of 3S Conference Outcomes to be completed by end of May   this activity is supported by CPR Centre for Policy Research

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RCS Regional Centre for Sanitation

Regional Sanitation Centre has been duly constituted legally as a separate institution attached to the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply Sri Lanka to perform its mandate as agreed with the Inter Country Working Group comprising Country Focal Persons of SACOSAN member countries in the South Asian region. The was established in August 2017 with the approval of the Government of Sri Lanka to fulfill commitments made at SACOSAN  V and  SACOSAN VI held in Kathmandu and Dhaka respectively

SACOSAN V – Kathmandu Declaration

The idea of the RSC was mooted based on the outcome of the Knowledge Management session of SACOSAN V in Kathmandu. In order to establish SACOSANs as a process for achieving national sanitation goals of its member countries in the South Asia region an agreement was reached at SACOSAN V to establish a permanent institutional arrangement to fill the gap between two SACOSANs,   in communication and monitoring of commitments   made at each conference

Commitment made by Sri Lanka was endorsed at the Ministerial Conference at SACOSAN V in Kathmandu and incorporated into the Kathmandu Declaration as follows;

“We welcome the offer of Sri Lanka to host the SACOSAN Secretariat and act as a resource, knowledge and learning Centre on sanitation and hygiene facilitating coordination, regional and cross regional exchange and sharing, with other regional sanitation meetings while also contributing to research and capacity development in South Asia.” read more



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The RSC is to Promote Networking & Knowledge Managemnt for SACOSAN Movement Among SAARC Countries  


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